What Makes Us Different

Going to a spa was once a luxury reserved for special occasions or for people with deep pockets. But as the spa and wellness industry has grown in recent years, getting a massage or facial has become nearly as routine as picking up a nonfat decaf latte from your favourite, cosy, busy noisy coffee corner shop, early morning or in your lunch break.

And here we come!

Being part of a madness world, in a posh city, London, we decide to simplify your life and bring the luxury of a Spa to you. We can incorporate a spa’s signature treatments, products, massage techniques or packages into your home setting. To ensure success, Simply Elegance 2 You maintains flexibility, as each spa and each spa clientele express different needs. All you need to do is to call Simply Elegance 2You to schedule a booking treatment or process the booking online.

Simply Elegance Mobile Spa will travel to you for yourself, for a spa party or for your relaxation, or for corporate events. Let our highly trained mobile stars create an experience for you and your friends where you feel completely and utterly renewed – at your serene and cosy warm home.

Discover a world of relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty with Simply Elegance 2 You